I want to tell you...that i love your music!!!!!! Here's a good story for Ya!!!!i want to tell everyone ..how much fun it was..you were the highlight of my LA experience..seriously. i tried to listen to many writers and i was disappointed..and when i heard you i was inspired and had such an incredible time in the club on the pier..
I was looking at the other tables cause i was sitting alone and we started laughing so deep ...our guts were splitting..it was so funny watching you guys and i enjoyed my time intensely...so thanks for holding that ground i know it's not easy in today's world of shut down people who don't care about opening up or enjoying their lives...cause I deal with the same issues..which is why I'm moving and quitting the music business scene..so i hope you can continue and go forward and you have my permission to put this on your site as far as what a fan might say about you...love and blessings to you...we need more joy...in our world. I heard a good name for a band...JOYFLIGHT i thought that's cool llllll.....it describes it..its from Japan...so if you want..steel it..!!!!!!
Shandra Jai

i dig your sick, beautiful cd.... my kind of lyrics, especially if you're playing someone's 3rd wedding reception..
.Phil Degruy

Hey Mikey! I saw your show tonight and I think you are a lyrical genius! I have a couple of A&R friends...1 at mca 1 at fred durst's label...I think they would LOVE your stuff! If you would like...I think I can really help... I know everybody says that ,but these people are
open and very wise...they love clever lyrics and it might be a great match!!!{ especially the mca connection...}
Give me a buzz if you would like me to play them your cd....Just as a side note....I think your show has the potential to go as drama as Bette Midler.... complete with fun costumes for your girls and some cool choreography....that may not be what you want, but I was sooo inspired!!! I could also shoot a video on digital and edit it to look pro....I never say all of this to anyone...I really just had a feeling about the music tonight~
lysa nalin

I just want to say you guys are great. I got to hear of you guys from Caroles brother Rick, he sits in from time to
time with friends of mine The Biscuits. Well if there is something I can ever do to help you guys let me know I work in the computer business ok.Take care and keep me informed where your playing. Thanks again Micheal
I LOVE IT! I was playing it within minutes after it arrived in the mail. I had to go into the city to pick up a script and tore myself away before I finished listening. But I was thinking of who I want to give it to as a gift. I figure, if I go to a bunch of different record stores and they don't have it, I'll get them to order it. Did I tell you I love it? I will be calling you to ask all sorts of questions as I came home, turned on the air conditioning, got myself a jar of ice-cold lemonade and listened to the CD while studying the CD cover. You are a genius and a madman.
Speaking of which, my favorite of all is My New Girlfriend. I plan to put together a tape for Virginia called, "Mama said there'd be days like this" featuring the song title. I want to put the Next Girlfriend song on it...it's for times like when that boy who invited her to dinner at his house (remember him?) well, he dumped our little Ginny!
Yep, this CD will get you laid a lot. Love,

i have been dying to talk to you...i listened to your cd in the car. i laughed outloud the whole time. what a brilliant c.d. it is so funny...I think people thought I was crazy in the car...i was really laughing from the gut! there is a radio station here that would love to playit...it's so hilarious!

I'm listening to the disc. I love it. It is so crazy, goofy, honest, and good. When is your next gig? How are you distributing it?
Talk to you soon,

No accounting for taste is there?
Mike Morrison / HITSMM@aol.com

Thank you soooo much for "Be Pretty, Be Naked, Be Quiet"!!! I'm falling out of chair listening. The record sounds great, and I may be a madman and an idiot, but YOU'RE A GENIUS!!!!! Wishing you lots of success on your release, Your other brother,

I wanna have your baby.
Barry Wittenstein