April 2011



It’s been too long since I’ve checked in here on this page.  We shook some of the rust off at a gig at Rusty’s back in January and we’ll be back on May 14 at that same storied venue to have some fun.
We’ll be showcasing some new material (believe it or not) including “Wedding Vows” (a big hit in the last set last January) “Panty Removal Service”, “My Dog Wants To Eat Your Cat” and “I’m Attracted To You”, which is a duet between me and our songbird Carol. There will be a few other surprises, but it will mostly be the same nonsense our loyal fans have come to expect.

We are on facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rumble-Bees-And-Sexy-Worker-Bees/492792975003?ref=ts

But who the hell knows how that works? Somebody help me, please.

Some radio news: The Walton and Johnson radio show, with 7 or 8 affiliates throughout the South have been playing “Be Pretty Be Naked Be Quiet” and some of our other songs. A heartfelt thanks to them for spreading the music and good vibes.
I am very sad to report that Mike Curry, our bass player and sax player (and occasionally our cello and guitar player) tragically passed away last year. Mike was a wonderful musician with a great sense of humor, and a great guy. We will miss him dearly, now and always.

Mike Himelstein
April 2011